The SMARTROOF System, an exclusive feature of Engepoli, is a liquid coating membrane system for application on aluminum, galvanized, galvalume, concrete, etc. roofs, which can be zipped (SSR), trapezoidal, W, and other types.

With the application of this system, it is possible to recover any type of coverage, saving time and money (since there is no need to interrupt your company’s activities for a change of tiles) and all the work is performed over the coverage, without count the huge amount of discarded tiles that will pollute the soil and the environment.

This application offers the following advantages:
  • Total tightness;
  • Eliminates the thermal shock of the surface, responsible for most leaks through the joints of the screws, overlapping tiles and through cracks caused by the contraction and expansion of the surface;
  • Eliminates the radiated heat inside the building, making the ambient temperature much milder and more comfortable for those who work on site or visit it;
  • Because it is liquid, it follows the geometry of the surface, transforming the roof into a monolithic block without joints, preventing water from entering;
  • Significantly reduces expenses with electricity from air conditioners, as well as maintenance costs;
  • Because it is highly reflective and keeps the surface cool, it avoids the formation of the famous “urban heat islands”, which cause so much trouble in metropolitan areas;
  • Preserves the service life of the roof, reducing the huge amount of waste (old or damaged tiles) in landfills;
  • 10-year warranty.