The Skylux 777 system was developed to be used in the vast majority of tiles on the market, and can be installed in spans from 600 to 700mm in width.

They are fixed directly on the third of the roof, leaving the tiles completely free of the zenith lighting system, allowing thermal expansion of the roof without damaging the Skylux system and vice versa.

All accessories relevant to the installation are manufactured by Engepoli, including structural profile, opaque domes for covering, headboard for finishing, finishing for face-felt and rock wool, and other insulators, and other accessories.

The SKYLUX 777 DIFFUSER is the evolution of the SKYLUX 777, a new system with very high performance as a result of light scattering.

Its format, designed in the laboratory, allows the gain of 15% of the natural light that affects it, expanding the diffusion of light into the environment, without generating heat.

SKYLUX 777 DIFFUSER can be used on zipped tiles, trapezoidal tiles TP25, TP40, TP100, and others and its light span can be from 600mm to 700mm.