Prismatic polycarbonate system, it is an excellent solution for zipped tiles or useful spans with a width of 300mm to 400mm. The Skylux 444 system fits perfectly, forming a continuous line of light. The main characteristics of this system are its versatility and economy. Its project was conceived to provide an excellent diffusion of natural light, for any type of environment.

The main advantages of using the Skylux domus system in prismatic polycarbonate sheets are:
  • Self-extinguishing material, no flame spread, class B;
  • High mechanical resistance, because it is an engineering plastic, it's superior to any other material that has the same purpose (acrylics, fiberglass, etc.);
  • 98% filtration of UV rays;
  • Excellent durability, resistance to sun exposure, because it contains anti UV coating, avoiding early yellowing;
  • Can be applied to any type of tile.
SIZING: From 2% to 3.5% of the built area.

The prismatic plate has one of its faces, which is turned to the internal environment, thousands of micro-prisms, which diffuse natural light, generating a behavior of “scattering” of light throughout the environment, eliminating effects such as:

  • Glare;
  • Concentration of light rays in a single point (hot-spots);
  • Light tracing according to the variation of the position of the sun.

Projects with this material generally need useful percentages of use that vary from 2% to 3.5% of the total coverage area, that is, for a 1,000m² shed, using a 3% “fee”, we would have a need for 30m² of openings in the roof.