Industrial shutters

Metal frames with steel or aluminum profiles, with fixed or movable fins, which allow natural ventilation of the environment through air exchange. The fins are produced in polycarbonate, steel or aluminum and allow filtering 99% of UV rays, protecting the internal environment against harmful sun rays. The advantage of the LUXVENT system is that it allows superior natural lighting and other materials, such as PVC or fiberglass. It does not generate glare and can be applied in any opening dimension. It may contain anti-insect, anti-bird or anti-vandalism screen. Available in Fixed and Mobile models.

The main advantages of using the Luxvent system are:
  • Enables much more superior natural lighting than other materials such as PVC or fiberglass, which are more opaque;
  • Does not generate glare;
  • Does not yellow over the years;
  • Does not become brittle;
  • Allows natural ventilation of the internal environment, through the exchange of air;
  • Can be applied in any opening dimension;
  • Can be applied mosquito net for the entry of insects or animals such as small birds.