Engepoli’s Airglide ventilation system is intended for the entry and improvement of air within industrial and commercial environments through the roof. Installation indicated for non-ventilated places and without external air intake.


The Airglide insufflator has as differentials:

  • Provides thermal comfort through sensitive ventilation (fresh, clean and renewed air);
  • Provides the renewal of hot and contaminated air within the environment;
  • Provides pressurization, diluting heat and pollutants;
  • Ventilation of fresh and clean air, without influencing the production process;
  • Adaptable to any roof profile and slope.

The equipment is developed by Engepoli Sistemas Sustentáveis ​​and produced at its factory, located in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Airglide ventilation equipment has the following specifications:

  • Structured in Steel and fairing in Fiberglass;
  • High efficiency electric motor, 3-phase, 4 kW, 380-480 V / 60Hz with direct coupling to the propeller;
  • Shock absorbers to prevent the transfer of vibrations to the cover;
  • Type G0 to G3 filters (optional).

The Airglide insufflator is sized according to the project to meet the needs of each customer and Engepoli supplies equipment with different dimensions and specifications.

Airglide insufflators are normally manufactured in the 15,000m³, 25,000m³, 30,000m³, 35,000m³ and 45,000m³ models (injection of air / h into the building).